Alexander The Great Song

Horrible Histories

Alexander is my name macedonia's most famous
Commander history calls the great but I prefer the greatest
A king aged only 20 when my dad assassinated
Adviser called for calm but frankly peace is over rated
Crushed rebels in greek city states
Saw 1000 of them martyrs
Made short labor of my neighbours and that was just for starters

Alexander full time fighter
Made my whole world securely but that wasn't enough I wanted more more more

And so begin my master plan to conquer by invasion
Started with dad's enemy the famous persian nation
Ruler darius had far more troops then inconvenience
But I won then thrashed egypt I'm a military geniuses
Founded egypt's alexandria name for the greatest man alive
I was know pharaoh and king of persia not bad for 25!

Alexander! Victories fighter
The greatest sounds flat how about the living God
Yeah I'll buy that

My loyal followers said that's the stuff but I a born warrior said it's not enough
Let's take india last man there is a fool
Started wearing persian clothes boy I looked so cool!
But made my troops suspicious they called me to ambitious said they wouldn't follow me

Guitar solo ptolemy! (Ptolmey's epic guitar solo!)
Cos of me ptolemy he'll go far he'll found the dynasty that ends with cleopatra!
Then theirs hephaestion my best friend of corse!
Unless you count bucephalus but he's a horse!
Why the long face my friend?
Any way together it was going grand till heph and bucy died and my men took a stand.
I wanted to continue by my hands were tied
So I sat in my tent and I cried

Alexander no more a fighter
Adventures had to stop cos 323 bc saw me drop... Dead!


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